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Our company offers you the best design solutions to make your home interior unique and stylish.Our philosophy is to create beautiful, timeless interior and exterior spaces that meet our clients’ economic, aesthetic and functional goals without obvious references to trends. Interiors that bring beauty, harmony, comfort and purpose to our daily lives are most important to me. In collaboration with our clients, we create a reflection of their lifestyle. We are grateful to be part of this process. We are passionate about design and meet each day’s challenges with a refreshing perspective.
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Space Planning

The layout of a home or room has a strong bearing on how your family and guests interact and move throughout the space. With space planning, the proper placement and size of furniture, lighting, rugs and traffic flows brings a fresh perspective where all elements work in harmony.

Computerized or CAD drawings are a vital component of our design process, allowing you to see the overall design and vision in a floor plan, elevation or 3D form. As built, proposed space plans, concept drawings and detailed drawings are a few examples of working drawings that may be needed for your project.

Exotic Enterprises Interior Design also frequently works side-by-side with architects during the design process to help you visually see the proposed changes and new concept of existing spaces.